Fifty One East’s Âme Paris Presents its First Jewellery Collection “À L’infini”

Fifty One East, Qatar’s favourite department store, is pleased to announce the launch of its first-ever jewellery line, Âme Paris, adding a new dazzling collection to its jewellery portfolio. The new line brings with it an innate sensibility to what the modern woman seeks and is made of 18-karat gold, diamonds and semi-precious and precious stones. Âme Paris is available exclusively at Fifty One East in Lagoona Mall.

Designed by skillful emerging Parisian artisans, Âme Paris is created for women who appreciate true luxury and premium craftsmanship and is influenced by timeless grace and sophisticated elegance. The new line features versatile statement pieces with both classic and contemporary designs, giving women a wealth of unique ways to express themselves, and to shine with confidence. With its French name Âme, translating into soul, the new jewellery line sets out to nurture a bond with women, believing that jewellery should resonate deeply in a way that touches the soul.

Celebrating Eid Al-Adha, Fifty One East will introduce Âme’s first capsule collection made of 22 carefully curated pieces capturing the special occasion’s joyous moments. Special pieces within this collection include the “Sérénité” set which includes a breathtaking bangle in rose gold, diamonds, Australian pearls and tanzanite and an intricately designed necklace in rose gold set with diamonds and a beautiful array of tanzanite. Another resplendent set is “Océan” which includes a pair of pendant earrings and a glimmering necklace in white gold set with diamonds and tanzanite.

Following this capsule collection, Fifty One East will present Âme’s first full collection set to be released by September 2018.